An Honest Comprehensive Review About Leadsleap

My experience with Leadsleap so far

I joined Leadsleap (Marketing Suite which provides tools to promote business) in June 2023, initially as a free member. My interest in internet marketing and traffic generation led me to this platform and I decided to start writing articles about these topics in December 2023.

In these articles, I included my Leadsleap referral link, hoping to attract some interest.

My Growth and Success with Leadsleap

After writing 6 or 7 articles on the social platform, my articles started to rank on Google. This brought in free traffic and from March 2024 I am consistently receiving 2 to 5 sign-ups to my Leadsleap referral link every day.

At the time of writing this review, a total of 108 people had signed up through my referral link.

Out of these, 3 upgraded their memberships, providing me with monthly recurring commissions.

Seeing this growth and the potential of the platform, I decided to upgrade my own membership in the second week of May.

As an upgraded member, I started using pro ads on Leadsleap for building lists. In 15 days, I received 22 subscribers to my lists from their pro ads.

Discovering the Tools

As a free member, I had access to almost all the tools Leadsleap offers, except for the email follow-up series. After upgrading, I gained access to the email follow-up series as well. I was genuinely impressed by the quality and variety of tools available.

Here are some of the key features that stood out to me:

Advertising and Traffic Generation

Leadsleap provides a range of tools to help generate traffic for my website. Their ad platform is efficient and cost-effective, offering both free and paid options to suit different needs.

Free members can advertise based on credits; if you have credits, your ad will run. For pro members, there’s no need to have credits for your ads to run.

Upgraded members can advertise up to 10 ads, and the platform drives traffic throughout the entire month.

List Building

The list management tools are robust and easy to use, allowing me to build and manage an unlimited email list effectively.

Link Tracker

This tool helps me track the performance of my links, giving me valuable insights into my marketing efforts.

Page Builder

The page builder is user-friendly and allows me to create professional-looking landing pages and websites without any coding knowledge.

PDF Rebrander

This tool allows me to create and distribute PDF documents that can be customized by my affiliates. It’s an excellent way to share valuable content while promoting my brand and links.

Value for Money

One of the most remarkable aspects of Leadsleap is its pricing. The tools and services they offer come at a fraction of the cost compared to other providers in the market.

Despite the low monthly fee of only $27, the quality and effectiveness of their tools are top-notch.

Outstanding Service

What truly sets Leadsleap apart is their customer service. Any time I had a question or needed assistance, their support team was quick to respond and very helpful.

Their dedication to providing excellent service is evident, and it greatly enhances the overall experience.

What I Like

I like everything about Leadsleap. It’s really hard to find another marketing system like Leadsleap, especially considering the price compared to others in the market.

What I Dislike

Honestly, I haven’t found anything to dislike so far. If I do encounter any issues, I will update this review.

Final Verdict

Overall, my experience with Leadsleap has been extremely positive. The platform offers a wealth of tools that are both powerful and affordable. The results I’ve seen speak for themselves and I’m confident you will find it just as valuable.

If you’re considering joining Leadsleap, I encourage you to take the plunge. You won’t be disappointed!

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